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Blackberry Jam Blended Batt 200gm

Wool Information



Our Strong 28.5 micron Australian Merino/Corriedale and Fine 19.5 micron Australian Merino Blended Batts are hand dyed by us using Australian dyes. 

These are made with a Beautiful mix of colours that will bring your projects to life and give them a unique edge.

These are approximately 50cm wide by 180cm long and weigh 200gm.  They can be split into thinner layers for nuno felting, doubled over for a thicker felt or butted together for a wider felt.


We recommend our Fine Merino for wet felting and spinning garments worn next to the skin. Their fine fibres make the finished product beautiful and soft. Eg jewellery, singlets, cosy scarves etc

We recommend our Strong Merino/Corriedale for needle felting and Spinning outer wear garments. Their more course fibres make the finished product strong and hard wearing. Eg needle felted creatures, hats, bags, play mats etc

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