Jellybean Blended Batt 200gm

Our 28.5 micron Strong Australian Merino/Corriedale and 19.5 micron Fine Australian Merino Blended Batts are hand dyed by us using Australian dyes. 

These are made with a Beautiful mix of colours that will bring your projects to life and five them a unique edge. 


We recommend our Fine Merino for wet felting and spinning garments worn next to the skin. Their fine fibres make the finished product beautiful and soft. 

For example: jewellery, singlets, cosy scarves etc. 

We recommend our Strong Merino/Corriedale for needle felting and Spinning outer wear garments. Their more course fibres make the finished product strong and hard wearing. 

For example: needle felted creatures, hats, bags, play mats etc.




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