Pink Pack

Wool Information



These 28.5 micron Australian Merino/Corriedale and 19.5 micron Australian Merino packs are full of beautiful shades of pink and red.

Contains Flesh, Tantalize, Dark Cherry, Fairy Floss, Antique Pink, Chilli Fire, Hot Candy, Mello and Just Red.

Each pack weighs approximately 100gm.


We recommend our Fine Merino for wet felting and spinning garments worn next to the skin. Their fine fibres make the finished product beautiful and soft.

For example: jewellery, singlets, cosy scarves etc.

We recommend our Strong Merino/Corriedale for needle felting and Spinning outer wear garments. Their more course fibres make the finished product strong and hard wearing.

For example: needle felted creatures, hats, bags, play mats etc.