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Yellow Ochre Prefelts

Wool Information



These Prefelts, also known as Needle Felted Batts, are produced by us and designed to make your felting even faster. 

To make these, we card our hand dyed 28.5 micron Strong Australian Merino/Corriedale and 19.5 micron Fine Australian Merino Tops and run them through our needle felting machine.

We offer our prefelts in three strengths:

  • Loose (still easily pulled apart)
  • Medium (tighter, but still pulls apart easily)
  • Tight (harder to pull apart)
Please note, these are not pieces of felt but a stronger version of our carded batts. 

Each prefelt is approximately 50cm wide by 180cm long.





We recommend our Fine Merino for wet felting and spinning garments worn next to the skin. Their fine fibres make the finished product beautiful and soft.



For example: jewellery, singlets, cosy scarves etc.



We recommend our Strong Merino/Corriedale for needle felting and Spinning outer wear garments. Their more course fibres make the finished product strong and hard wearing.



For example: needle felted creatures, hats, bags, play mats etc.